Morning Qi Gong & Ancient Temple Tour

The perfect tour for friends or family, (young or old) visiting Beijing to really witness first hand and feel the essence of morning exercise and ancient Chinese health preservation exercises. Take a guided tour with Alex Tan who has a degree in Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) and has been practicing Qi Gong for more than ten years.

Total – 90 minutes – 7am-8.30am (flexible)


  • Guide – qualified TCM practitioner who specialises in preventive health – fluent in English with Asian heritage
  • Entrance Fee
  • Guided tour with history & explanations of the Temple of Earth (di tan)
  • Explanations of exercises & benefits according to Chinese medical theory
  • History of morning exercise and the Chinese body clock, and how to take advantage of cosmic cycles for better health and wellbeing (2 page handout incl.)
  • Qi Gong class – 30 minutes

More information

    Tour Costs (Max. 20 pax)

    Group Size (Pax) Cost (RMB)
    1-2 600
    3-5 800
    6-10 1000
    11-15 1200
    16 – 20 1400

    In China, the first rays of light shine on citizens in the park who are starting the day with an ancient tradition of morning exercise. The Chinese believe the best time to wake up is with the rising sun, for at this time the body qi is rising too. You may see plenty of chatting, walking, martial arts, badminton, singing, dancing, feather kicking and gymnastics including Taiji and Qigong. Many of these exercises are based on ancient Daoist ideas of health preservation and longevity.

    Alex believes the true treasures of TCM lie in its greater focus on preventative health and lifestyle practices and less about reactive treatment.  The key focus of this approach is about learning how we can live in accordance with nature to avoid illness and disease. The wisdom of the ancient Chinese can greatly assist this understanding of our environment and ourselves so that we can use this knowledge in a practical way to adapt our lifestyles for better health and happiness.

    Alex is a native English speaker with a Chinese heritage who understands the ‘non-Asian’ perspective and will encourage informal questions and open discussions.

    For more details contact Alex Tan – 150 115 10 363