About Us 关于我们

The Hutong has an eclectic and passionate team running a wide variety of programs in Beijing and across China. Our goals are to provide student groups with exceptional experiences, and ensure that students and teachers alike experience the community, culture, and excitement that China can offer. The Education Department designs customized programs that take education groups beyond the sites to engage with their surroundings, explore China, and develop their personal worldview.


We are currently hiring for the following positions:

Sales Coordinator →

What We’re Looking For:

The Hutong Team is excited about our growth in 2017 and beyond. To that end we are looking to hire a part- to full-time Sales Coordinator who is a self-starter, capable of wearing many hats, and finds satisfaction in developing new things. This position is based out of our central Shanghai co-working office space.

  • Do you get excited about the opportunity to create something new and leave your ownmark on it?
  • Do you enjoy connecting with new people and exploring ways to help one another succeed?
  • Are you a proactive worker who is disciplined and self-motivated to flourish with little supervision?
  • Do you have a penchant for exploration and a passion for sharing with others what you discover?
  • Do you thrive in a bicultural and bilingual workplace with a team that places a high value on fun?
  • Are you excited at the prospect of working, learning, and growing within a dynamic expanding company?
  • Are you able to live by The Hutong’s Core values both in and out of the workplace?

If you answered “Yes!” to these, then read on!

Successful Applicants Will

  • Be able to fluently and idiomatically speak in both English and Mandarin
  • Be a motivated self-starter
  • Have excellent customer service skills and a consistently positive attitude
  • Be able to accurately present a thorough review of sales performance

Preferred Qualifications

  • Experience with putting together proposals on deadlines.
  • Experience with Adobe Suite.
  • 2-3 sales experience, preferably in education or corporate sectors.
  • Experience in working in a multicultural environment.
  • Ability to self-direct work and follow through with it.
  • Willingness and flexibility to travel.

What Next?

If you believe that you would be fit for this position, and if you would like the opportunity to grow along with us, contact both [email protected] and [email protected] with a brief cover letter introducing yourself, telling us why you should be considered for The Hutong’s Sales Coordinator position.

Freelance Logistics Manager
(兼职)教育游学项目计调专员 →

Logistics Managers plan trips that will be remembered for a lifetime. We need the help of detail-oriented organizers to assist behind the scenes in planning and executing unforgettable journeys.

Duties 工作职责:

• Serve as the main point of contact for all local vendors and partners, which will include managing expectations, managing payment.

• Manage the execution and record keeping of program finances with support from the Education Department’s administration staff.

• Coordinate the submission of all relevant follow-up documents including budget reports, program notes, inventory use, photo compilations, etc.

• Coordinate all logistical details including transportation, dining, accommodation, and activity set-up with Program Leader and Education Department.

• Arrange for department-approved special needs and requests made by client school.

Successful Applicants 应聘条件:

1. Are fluent in Chinese (Mandarin) and have a basic grasp of spoken English.

2. Have a passion for educational programs.

3. Are efficient, self-motivated and highly organized.

4. Keep a cool head and can work well in a high-pressure environment.

5. Represent and embody the fun, inclusive, and passionate reputation that Hutong Education staff are known for.

6. Possessing an updated Chinese tour guide license is an added plus.

Salary & Opportunity 报酬与机遇:

The Hutong Education compensates Logistics Managers with industry-competitive wages based on an individual’s relevant work experience. More details regarding compensation will be provided upon application. We are an international team full of passion. Here, you will have the opportunity to cooperate and communicate with people of diverse cultural background from all around the world. We will provide you employee training for you to get adapted to our working environment quickly.

胡同教育文化部根据相应工作经验给予计调专员具有行业竞争力的报酬,更多与报酬相关的细则将在申请后予以提供。我们是一支富有激情的国际化团队。在这里,你将有机会与来自世界各地、有多元文化背景的人共 事、学习交流。我们会提供职前培训,帮助你快速融入我们的工作环境。

Freelance Program Manager
(兼职)教育游学项目领队 →

Program Managers help us encourage great young minds to learn. We’re looking for outgoing pioneers to facilitate unique and memorable experiences for students of all ages.

What We’re Looking For 我们的期待

The Hutong Education Team has grown significantly in 2017 and is looking to maintain a strong team of freelance Program Leaders who will be responsible for leading international student groups to different regions of the PRC. This position and the individuals that fill it make up the core of our program execution team. We are looking for team members with a passion for education and who are eager to share their perspective and expertise on China with educational groups of every age.

胡同教育团队在 2017 年得到了⻜速发展,我们希望可以同时跟进发展(兼职)教育游学项目领队团队的规模与能⼒。领队将负责带领国际学⽣团队游历中国的不同地区。这个职位是我们项目执⾏团队的核⼼,我们期待新团队成员热衷于教育事业,并愿意向任何年龄的教育游学团队分享他们对中国的⻅解和专业知识。

What You’ll Do 你将会做什么

• Lead idea generation and program development in concert with the Education Department that are customized to each client school’s specifications.

• Manage communications with the lead teacher of each program on all matters concerning program execution.

• Coordinate content used in each program’s written materials.

• Conduct research trips and walkthroughs with local partners in various regions of China.

• Facilitate programs as the visible expert in charge of programming and group dynamics.

• Manage and support the positive dynamics of a multinational team on the road with student groups.

• Coordinate the submission of all relevant follow-up documents including budget reports, program notes, inventory use, photo compilations, etc.

• Represent and embody the fun, inclusive, and passionate reputation that The Hutong staff are known for.

What We Want To Accomplish 我们想要达成的目标

• Provide consistently high quality and innovative educational experiences for international student groups.

• Develop a professional team of freelance staff who are excited to be The Hutong Education Program Leaders and are inspired to leave their own imprint on The Hutong community.

• Encourage students to be creative, curious, and think critically through attending The Hutong’s programs and interacting with The Hutong staff.

Salary & Opportunity报酬与机遇:

The Hutong Education compensates Program Leaders with industry-competitive wages based on an individual’s relevant work experience. Longer term contracts are availability for those with experience and wider availability. More details regarding compensation will be provided upon application.


If you believe that your job is way more than a paycheck and a time stub, and would like the opportunity to grow along with us, please fill in the brief form below to let us know more about yourself. If you are interested in an internship opportunity, click here. As a next step, we will get in touch with you regarding potential work opportunities.


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