—  The Bike Ride  —

Destiny on two wheels

On one frosty Beijing winter day, while riding his bicycle through the hutongs’ zigzagging alleyways, Mark Thirlwall peeked into a courtyard, stumbling across an old lady huddled over a stove, blowing into her hands to keep warm. Striking up a conversation, the lady became our landlord, renovations began, and the rest is history.
As winter thawed, Mark’s friend Stacey Shine fell in love with the courtyard and moved in. The two threw their heart and soul into the courtyard home, and began creating projects and events first for friends, and then for Beijing’s larger expat community. The Hutong was born.
Today The Hutong has an eclectic and passionate team running a wide variety of programs in Beijing and across China. Our goals are to provide patrons with exceptional experiences, and ensure that they leave having learned something new, and above all, having had a great time. Explore our website or do stop by, our doors are always open to visitors and friends.

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