The Hutong Bǐng Festival 

Date:  Saturday, 15th Oct.
Time: 11:30 – 13:30
Cost: 288 RMB, 258 RMB for members


Pancakes, aka 饼 (bǐng), are an integral part of global cuisine. To celebrate this most varied and scrumptious snack, The Hutong is hosting a Bǐng Festival to bring the community together, get creative, and make pancakes in all forms!

In this event, we will teach you some traditional bǐng recipes from around the world, and you can experiment with your own.We will prepare a variety of traditional and fusion fillings for you to DIY. This event is friendly for vegetarians and vegans too.

Join us for this super fun and friendly Bǐng Festival with family and friends!



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