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  • Hutong’s Mid-Summer Watermelon Eating Competition

    Without realising it, the summer has already passed half way. To celebrate this summer in our courtyard, The Hutong hosted a Watermelon Eating Competition. Watermelon is one of the best fruit to enjoy in summer, and China has the highest annual production in the world. Based on the 2012 figure, China alone produces 70 million tonnes of watermelons by itself.

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  • Beyond the Bubble: Learning Mandarin in Beijing

    By Tara Dear Time is rarely a good indicator of how proficient somebody may be in a language, but it’s also the inevitable question when chatting to somebody about their study experience. I rarely tell somebody that I’ve learnt Mandarin for nine months, full stop. Instead, it has to come packaged with an explanation: those nine months have been spaced

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  • On the trail of Xi’an’s street food

    By Danielle Laing I refuse to let the rain put a damper on my appetite. It’s late afternoon but you’d think it’s nighttime. Dark clouds loom overhead and neon lights stretch ahead on either side of the walking street in Xi’an’s vibrant Muslim Quarter, giving everything a kind of Blade Runner vibe. Xi’an, once an ancient imperial capital and the

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  • Spring in the Ice City

    by Tara Dear, Hutong Intern Extraordinaire It’s true: Harbin is that freezing cold place rubbing shoulders with Russia up in the forgotten north of China. In my first week here alone, it snowed three times. I waddled around in ski pants, ear muffs, and layers of mothball-scented thermals dusted off from long-term storage in Singapore. But four months later at

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  • Discovering the history of Beijing: Scavenger Hunt in the hutongs

    Our Education Program takes students to discover the fascinating hutongs, and learn first hand about the city’s past, present and future.

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