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  • Spring in the Ice City

    by Tara Dear, Hutong Intern Extraordinaire It’s true: Harbin is that freezing cold place rubbing shoulders with Russia up in the forgotten north of China. In my first week here alone, it snowed three times. I waddled around in ski pants, ear muffs, and layers of mothball-scented thermals dusted off from long-term storage in Singapore. But four months later at

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  • Discovering the history of Beijing: Scavenger Hunt in the hutongs

    Our Education Program takes students to discover the fascinating hutongs, and learn first hand about the city’s past, present and future.

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  • Linhai, Where Art Thou?

    清明节, or the annual tomb-sweeping festival that falls on the beginning of April every year, not only marks the day to honor the dead but also inclines us to relive many of our old forgotten memories. During this Qingming Holiday, I took a journey south back to my paternal ancestral home in the town of Linhai, located in Taizhou City,

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  • 6 Reasons We Love Fujian

    1. Fresh Air Yes there are some factories along the coast, but back in the forest swathed mountains of the Yongding and Nanjing plateau, it’s the sweet smell of Tie Guanyin from small scale tea plantations that scent the air. 2. Oolong Tea The Minnan – Fujianese people traditionally living South of the Min River- are the master growers and

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  • ASL Returns

    As I huddle, hunched-over on the dirty ground next to a garbage can outside of a kitchen window, hiding quietly with two 14 year old students in what used to be a former slaughterhouse, I have to wonder how it is I’m paid to do what I do and how lucky I am to have the opportunity to share knowledge

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