The Whisky Experience


Date: Friday, August 27th / 日期:8月27日,星期五

Time: 19:00 to 21:30 / 时间:19:00 至 21:30

Price: 320 RMB – 280 RMB Members / 价格:320 RMB – 280 RMB The Hutong会员


Are you a whiskey lover and would like to have a wider knowledge about it?

Welcome to our Whiskey Tasting!

We will have 7 different whiskies for you to try and educate your palate. Additionally we will be having whiskey burgers and spicy fries to go with it!



Meet our host: Dill King

Looking for new adventures and spicy food Dill moved from Beijing to Chongqing in 2010 and started the Chongqing Whisky Society. While bringing people in SW China single malt for the first time his magnificent mustache and ability to carry cases of whisky up mountains drew him to the attention of Berry Bro’s and Rudd – the oldest wine and spirits merchants in Britain.

As brand ambassador he travelled to all but 2 provinces in China giving whisky tastings, eating amazing food and sharing glenrothes with new and old friends. As brand manager he took over the rest of the portfolio of whiskies including Glen Grant, wild turkey and many others but Dill found the corporate life of Shanghai somewhat slow for his tastes.

In 2018 Dill became an independent cask trader – a fast paced life sourcing and trading high quality casks all over the world while still supporting the industry doing tastings for brands like Royal salute and Glenfarclas. Catching up with Nic over a few bottles of bourbon they decided to create a whisky community focusing on people like them – young thirsty and keen to learn but bored stiff by the normal whisky schpeel.

The rest is history.

Join us for this exclusive event and find your favorite whisky and learn along the way!


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We are looking forward to seeing you here soon.

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