Three Weddings and a Divorce: Beijing Postcards Talk

Date: Sunday, November 19th
Time: 2:00pm – 4:00pm
Cost: 100 RMB, 50 RMB for members

“Three Weddings and a Divorce” is a portrait of three women all living in Beijing.

Grandmother Wang – with bound “Lily-feet”, 63-year-old Liu Xiao Bing – whose life was heavily affected by the Cultural Revolution, and 34-year-old successful business woman Xie Rui. Together, they can account for the last hundred years of Beijing’s history.

Their life stories illustrate the incredible change the role of women has undergone in Chinese society. It tells of how the custom of foot-binding was abandoned and condemned by revolutionary slogans that projected model female workers to the fore, but the idea of the good-natured communist woman now seems distant, having been replaced by the high stilettos of ‘modern society’

Beijing Postcards has been following the lives of these women for about four years. During this period a great deal has changed, not least that “Three Weddings and a Divorce” has now become “Four Weddings and a Divorce”!

Join us for another fascinating discussion with our friends from BJ Postcards





Beijing Postcards is a company that is dedicated to modern Chinese history, with an emphasis on Beijing. It can be difficult to understand the complex nature of Chinese society today. To help, Beijing Postcards offers a large variety of talks presenting interesting subjects on Beijing and China’s history and culture in an easily accessible way. They also offer tailor-made talks for corporate events, clubs, private gatherings, and more. Beijing Postcards owns a large collection of old photographs from China which has been collected from all over the world. These are actively used in their presentations. The name, Beijing Postcards, symbolizes the passing on of Chinese history and culture in a way that everybody can understand and appreciate it.

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Celebrating a Decade of Exceptional Cultural Experiences

We opened our Hutong courtyard doors ten years back with a simple wish: to create a special place where people could come together, learn from one another, and have a great time. We never imagined we would be where we are today: running programs across China, with an incredible team from across the globe.

十年前我打开了在北新九道湾1号的四合院大,只了一个愿望:大家提供一个可以相聚,学与共享美好光的平台。就这样,胡同可以从那个时候一直走到了今天。现在,我们拥有这来自世界各地的团队,并在全中国各个地方都有不同的活动, For our ten-year anniversary, we’ll be celebrating each month of 2017.  一眨眼,十年去了,在迎接2017年的到来的同,我想要和大家一起个难得的庆典

The Hutong’s Tenniversary: