The Hutong Charity POP SHOP!




One-day only pop-up boutique marketplace at The Hutong.

Donate high-quality clothes, jewelry and other fine robes

Buy nice new things for super cheap

Enjoy drinks and food on The Hutongs roof-top

Do it all for charity, scroll below to find out more!




Saturday, August 17, 10am-8pm @ THE HUTONG

RSVP to info[at]thehutong[dot]com  OR

book now

Free to enter, donate to buy!

Donation Contact: (English & Chinese)

You can drop off clothes at The Hutong on August 16th after 5pm or August 17th before noon OR contact Sophia via email. Everything will be priced from RMB 10 – RMB 100.

Don’t have clothes to donate for sale but want to help? You still can! You can donate alcohol for the bar, volunteer on the day, etc.  Contact for more details.

More Information:

Gentlemen: if you are about to delete this message – SEND IT TO THE LADIES IN YOUR LIFE FIRST PLEASE

·    If you are a smartly dressed gentleman, we would love your clothing too

·         男生们看到这封信时请立马转发给你的所有女性朋友们~千万别删~

·         男性朋友们~如果您品味独特,我们欢迎您捐赠男性服饰~!

What: Racks and racks of vintage, second-hand, and ready-for-a-new-home clothing all for your rifling pleasure. PLUS: silent auction, bar, tunes, sun.


How: You (yes, YOU!) need to donate or bring clothes and accessories to sell and be part of the pop-up boutique. Anything goes, bring things in advance (preferred please!) and things will be priced at our discretion, based on quality. No clothing? No probs – just come and browse.

如何加入? 你!没错!就是你!带上想捐赠的衣服、鞋包、首饰、围巾、帽子,成为我们泡泡店的一份子(请在收件期限内交到我们的三个接收点)。我们将为所有衣物标上价格。没要捐的衣物没关系,呼朋引伴到泡泡店转转吧!

When: Saturday, August 17, 10am-8pm

什么时候?8 月17日(周六)上午10点至晚8点!

Where: The Hutong, No 1. Jiudaowanxiang Hutong, Near Exit C of the Beixinqiao Subway

Why: Support a very worthy charity.

Seven Color Migrant School was founded in 2003, with two campuses. The school provides a ‘3 RMB lunch’ for students, the smallest amount they could spend to cover the most basic nutrition. We aim to raise funds to ensure meals & materials can be provided to the children for an entire school year.

Proceeds from this event will go to support this project directly.

Any clothing not sold will be recycled back into communities that need it, so nothing is wasted.



What should I donate?

Ideally, clothing that can find a new home. This means quality (use your discretion!), but particularly anything high quality, vintage or well-designed.




·           安定门/五道营/雍和宫地区,请联系苏菲(13522737005

What next? Tell everyone. That is, every fashion-fervent, people-loving, Beijing-based do-gooder that you know.

除静态拍卖和走秀竞拍的物品,其余衣物将分为¥10至¥100 元的五个档位。如果您的捐赠物可以列入拍卖项目(走秀拍卖及静态拍卖),请提前和我们说,我们将会为所有适合拍卖的单品做特别规划。

关于本活动的任何疑问,请随时发邮件询问Sophie (中英文).

志愿者服务或其他赞助方式? 我们热烈欢迎能提供调酒类用品和美妙点心的朋友,也欢迎想尝试一日销售或提供爱心服务的志愿者们一同共襄盛举。最终,大家共同募得的金额将全数捐赠给以上介绍的慈善机构。

What are you waiting for? 你还在等什么?