Tastes of Vietnam

Date: Sunday, October 13th
Time: 10:30am – 1:00pm
Cost: 300 RMB, 260 RMB for members

Cultural Bite

Vietnamese cuisine is influenced by the ancient imperial cuisine of the Nguyễn dynasty and the French colonization. Its dishes are always modeled according to the balance of the five elements: spicy, sour, bitter, salty and sweet.

Vietnamese cuisine bears the influence of its neighboring cuisines: Indian, Thai, Cambodian, Malay and Chinese, as well as of its colonizers: the French. Contrast and balance are the principles that decide how vegetables and spices are carefully combined with poultry, meat or fish. The resulting dishes are scrumptious but light and colorful to the eye. The importance given to the freshness of ingredients and the minimal use of oil has earned Vietnamese food a reputation of being one of the world’s healthiest.

What You’ll Learn

This class will teach you how to prepare the fresh, light salads, grilled meats and luxurious soups of Vietnam.


  • Vietnamese Chicken Pho
  • Fresh Lotus salad with shrimp
  • Braised Pork with Lemongrass

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