Tastes of Brazil: Northeast Special

Tastes of Brazil: Northeast Special

Date: Saturday, 17th Sep.
Time: 18:30-21:00
Cost: 398 RMB, 368RMB for members  including one drink


The Brazilian northeast region is famous for its beaches and all-year-round sunny weather. It’s also home of a variety of people spread in 9 different states, each one with its own approach to food. Rich and diverse in culture, this Brazilian region gave us a lot of our renowned writers, musicians, movie directors and all kind of artists that are part of our identity and artistic force. It is where African ingredients and different food influences are more prevalent. Together with indigenous food techniques, it’s where you can find the dishes that Brazilians identify the most with their country.


Come join us to explore a little of the dishes and ingredients that you find in this part of Brazilian territory and taste the flavours of dendê oil, bottled butter, corn couscous, cassava flour and starch, Brazil nuts and more.



Entradas / Appetizer

Tapioca com carne de caranguejo / tapioca pancake with cream of crab

Cuscuz com carne de sol e manteiga de garrafa / corn couscous with homemade jerked beef and bottled butter.

Vinagrete de feijão fradinho com castanha do Pará e torresmo / vinagrette black eyed peas salad with pork rinds and brazil nuts.

Principais / Main Courses

Moqueca de peixe/ Fish stew with red palm oil (dendê)

Pirão / cassava flour and fish stew polenta

Arroz de coco / coconut rice

Sobremesa / Dessert

Cartola / Baked Banana, cheese, sugar and cinnamon



About Chef Paula Garcia 

Paula Garcia is Brazilian, lives in Beijing for more than 3 years and is living as a nomad ex-pat since 2012. Every 2 or 3 years she moves from place to place, starting from the USA, Sri Lanka and now, China. With a Psychology Bachelor’s degree, she worked for 10 years in the HR area, before deciding to change her path. Always curious about food, being a foodie for her whole life and coming from a family with a huge background in food, she decided to embrace the dream that she was always trying to push away. She took a Culinary Arts degree back in Brazil.

Now she is trying to immerse herself in the food cultures she is being able to know by living in those different countries. In each new country she is able to live in, she feels more Brazilian than ever and understands the value of Brazilian food in the gastronomic world. Always looking forward to helping people to understand more about her home country and its food culture, she joins The Hutong to share her knowledge and learn with people from all over the world.



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