Tastes of Asia C

Taste of Asia C
Date: Monday, 4th Oct.
Time: 10:30-13:00
Cost: 350 RMB, 300 RMB for members
In this class, we’ll find out how to prepare delicious dishes from regional cuisines across Asia, from the spiced, rich curries and crispy naans of Pakistan all the way to the culinary melting pot that is Malaysia. Asia has long been a cross-cultural crossroad for travelers and chefs alike, blending flavors from its distinct culinary traditions. As a result, Asian cuisine is built on the combination of Indonesian, Portuguese, Chinese, Indian and Thai flavours. We’ll learn how to prepare a variety of delicious dishes and how their recipes are influenced by heritage, history, and culture.
  •  Malaysian Laksa Noodle Soup
  •  Sri Lankan Mushroom Curry
  •  Thai Beef Salad with Cabbage





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