Pies and Ales - Homebrew

We are proud to be partnering with The Beijing Homebrewing Society for a Pies & Ales of epic proportions, where your ticket will get you ten 135 ml samples of different home brews, two freshly baked pies, as well as one more full pour of your favorite beer. Whether you are a beer connoisseur, an interested home brewer, or are just looking to enjoy a good time with friends on The Hutong’s terrace and courtyard – it’s a simple menu with delicious results!

爱酒的朋友们有口福了!我们有幸和北京家酿协会合作来举办我们一年一度的Pies & Ales!完美的搭配会让你美不胜收!买票即可获得:品尝10种不同的家酿样品酒(每种135ml),2个热气腾腾的派,如果样品酒没尝够,我们还能为您续满任何一种您最爱的啤酒。无论您是一个啤酒鉴赏家,还是对家酿感兴趣的啤酒爱好者,亦或只是想和朋友们来我们四合院聚聚……你们都会有意想不到的收获!

The Beijing Homebrewing Society is dedicated to spreading the knowledge, culture, and appreciation of craft beer in China. Membership is open to all, ranging from professional brewers to beginners looking to brew their first batch. Swing over to our courtyard on Sunday, August 23rd to try a variety of home brews from the Society’s most experienced members, including:

北京家酿协会是一个致力于在中国传播精酿啤酒的知识、文化以及鉴赏的机构。不管你是专业酿酒师,还是你刚刚想酿第一滴酒,全都可以加入!8月23日星期日,别忘了来我们的四合院品尝一下各种美酒,这些都是协会极力推荐的最有经验的家酿师会员为您准备的哦!这些会员包括Homebrews On Pour:

Homebrews On Pour

Lemongrass Ale 柠檬啤酒

Suspicious Minds Pale Ale

Black Donkey Schwartzbier 黑驴

Summer Citra Pale Ale 美国斯特拉 淡色爱尔啤酒

Red Admiral Rye 红石黑麦啤酒

“Bad Apple” Cider

Perry Pear Cider

Blackmail IPA 黑帮 IPA


& Many More 等等很多很多,就不在此一一为您点名

Each attendee will receive a handful of poker chips good for 2 pies from Two Guys and a Pie and a tasting of 10 ales from Beijing’s best home brewers, as well as participate in The Beijing Homebrew contest: after sampling the home brews on tap, you simply cast your vote for your favorite by asking for a full pour!


  • Place (活动地点): The Hutong
  • Date (活动日期): Sunday, August 23rd 8月23日,星期日
  • Time (活动时间): 15:00 – 20:00 pm

Cost: 249 RMB, 150 RMB for Hutong and Homebrew members.