Kente & Silk’s Beijing Africa Week: Nigerian Chef’s Table Dinner with Omolade

Kente & Silk’s Beijing Africa Week: Nigerian Chef’s Table Dinner with Omolade

Date: Saturday 12th  June
Time: 19:00-21:30
Cost: 398 RMB, 368RMB for members  including one drink


Kente & Silk (K&S) is a social enterprise changing the status quo of Africa-China relations through strategic consulting, African-centric events, and deep-dive trips to Africa. K&S is comprised of a diverse team of consultants and creatives bridging better Africa-China cultural exchange and business at a “people to people” level.


On 12th June, The Hutong is joining hands with K&S to celebrate Africa in China by bringing authentic Nigerian flavours to our dining table. Come and join Chef Omolade as we embark on a Nigerian culinary journey with friends and family at our cozy hutong courtyard.





Frejon with Spicy Shrimp



Jollof Rice

Peppered Chicken









About the Chef 

Omolade Kadiri is an educator and entrepreneur and chef whose favourite dishes are fused with flavours from India, Thailand, Mexico, and the Caribbean; however, she has never lost her passion for the staples that she grew up eating at her mother’s kitchen table: savoury Nigerian Jollof rice, sweet fried plantains, and succulent steamed Moin Moin. She hopes that you will not only enjoy eating a delicious meal but also enjoy celebrating a part of the rich cultural heritage from the African continent, the land from which we all find our origin.



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