Chinese Knife Skills & The Classics : Cooking Class  | 胡同厨艺课程:中国刀功技巧

This class will be hands on and will teach you to slice, shred, mince and debone with a cleaver, while you learn to whip up three classic Chinese dishes.  此课程非常的实用,我们会在课上教授如何用菜刀切片,切丝,剁馅儿,去骨。我们还会在课上学习品尝三道经典中国菜.

Date: Saturday, February 8th
Time: 10:30am – 1:00pm
Cost: 350 RMB, 300 RMB for membersBook-Now

Always wanted to learn how to use a Chinese cleaver? Join us in this knife skills class where you will learn the precise craft and tricks of the trade of Asian chefs.

Class Menu 课程菜单

  • Smashed Cucumber Salad 拍黄瓜 Pāi huángguā
  • Braised Chicken with Dried Lily Flower 黄花菜炖鸡 Huánghuā cài dùn 
  • Sweet and Sour Shredded Potatoes 醋溜土豆丝 Cù liū tǔdòu sī

  • Smashed Cucumber Salad  Pāi huángguā 拍黄瓜

  • Braised Chicken with Dried Lily Flower  Huánghuā cài dùn jī 黄花菜炖鸡

  • Sweet and Sour Shredded Potatoes  Cù liū tǔdòu sī  醋溜土豆丝

The Hutong Chinese Chef’s Knife

180 RMB each

If you want to add to your kitchen appliances, we do have our Chefs knives available for purchase at our courtyard.  Our knives are all one-piece stainless steel with custom packaging containing instructions for use and maintenance.

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