Welcome to The Hutong Kitchen Website!

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Welcome to The (new) Hutong Kitchen website!

We have decided to dedicate a website just to our Kitchen because it represents both the hearth and the heart of The Hutong. The Hutong Kitchen is where, everyday, delicious dishes are created, and where we learn about the diverse cultures from which each dish was born. It is a place where people meet, connect and share their stories. The kitchen is the life-pulse of our business and the medium for our cultural, social and charitable events.

Everyday we hear the joy of laughter coming out of our kitchen doors and see the glow of smiles around the kitchen table. With this website, designed by Zara Arshad, we welcome you to join us on an amazing journey of culinary pursuits in Beijing – of “Sharing Culture, Sharing Knowledge”. Click on any of the tabs above to get started, and we will see you in the kitchen!