The Hutong is Beijing’s culture exchange center in the heart of the Chinese capital. A retreat for expats, foreigners and locals to meet and connect. Our mission is to provide exceptional cultural experiences in a fun learning environment, and we welcome you to click on the links below to find out more about our programs.

Click here to find out about our team.

Click here to see and find out more about our venue.

Click here to find out about our exclusive line of infused white teas.

At The Hutong we offer a variety of programs which fall into six main categories:

Culinary Events – All Flavours, All Tastes

Healthy Habits – Treats for Body & Mind

Tea Journeys – A Tea for Every Taste

Creative Pursuits – Hands on Fun

Travel & Tours – Go Beyond The Sights

Youth Education – Inspire Growing Minds

No matter the program, our goal is to create exceptional cultural experiences in a fun, learning environment.

If you wish to stop by, our doors are always open to our guests and friends. For directions to the Hutong click here, and to see what’s on at The Hutong click here.

Our logo is a rendition of the trusty red date tree that stands tall in our hutong courtyard, and welcomes you when you enter through our red doors. If you look closely into the tree, you will begin to make out the characters of our Chinese name, 树之灵. The rough translation of 树之灵 is Sprit of The Tree. We find it fitting as the tree is in many ways the soul of The Hutong. Our red date tree provides us with shade in the summer and with an abundance of delicious dates in the fall, which are treasured for their crisp sweetness and medicinal value. Our red date tree gives life, color and breath back to our courtyard during the spring and is loved by the whole neighborhood. It watches over us, and provides a sense of stability and continuity to The Hutong. In our kitchen, you will have an opportunity to taste its treasured fruit dried, as a jam or pudding, infused with tea and vodka, and baked as a cake, to name a few – so come have a date with us!