Date: Saturday, December 11th

Time: 10:00 to 15:00

Price: 500RMB – 450 RMB members

Join our newest pedelec tour along the Central Axis of Bejing and discover the city from a whole diferent perspective! You will discover charming back streets, local neighborhoods and untold stories on this one-of-a-kind pedelec tour, with this new bikes you can ride 35 kilometers easily. It is a unique, memorable, and once-in-a-lifetime experience, for riders of all levels.



9:45am  Meet at the store of TOMA. Distribution of E-bikes and protective gear; safety explanation; Group warm-up.

10:00am Start our exploration tour:

TOMA Store – Temple of Heaven — South Moat — Yongdingmen Gate — West Gate of Temple of Heaven — Xiannong Altar — Qianmen Commercial Street – Sanlihe Hutongs — Tiananmen Square — West Gate of Forbidden City – Watch Tower of Forbidden City–Jingshan Park– Di ‘anmen Area – Shichahai — Prince Gong’s Mansion — Yinding Bridge — Bell and Drum Towers — Wanning Bridge — Yuhe Imperial Root Site — TOMA Store

15:00  End our tour


Meeting time: 9:45 a.m. (15 minutes before the tour begins to pick up bicycles, helmets and get instructions)

 Meeting points: 

 Option 1Meet at the No.1 store of TOMA, Exit D of Pingleyuan station of Metro Line 14 or navigate TOMA.

 Option 2Meet at the No.2 store of TOMA, Exit D of Ciqikou station of Metro Line 5 or navigate Yuanlong mansion.

 Duration5 hours (stops in sightseeing spots included)

Finish pointThe same as the meeting point.



1: English-speaking tour guide

2: Pedelec ride & helmet

3: A bottle of water

4: Snacks

5: Insurance



1: Lunch

2: Personal cost

3: Tips



Photogenic spots 打卡点

1 护城河的600年——南护城河

600 years old moat-the south moat

2 打卡南中轴起点——永定门

Check in the starting point of the South Central Axis-Yongdingmen

3 南中轴御道的神韵——中轴之美

The charm of the South Central Axis -the beauty of the Central Axis

4 三里河的网红鸡——据说拿着它的照片咖啡打折

Sanlihe’s well-known rooster and his “concubines” -You will get a discount of the fresh brewed coffee by presenting its photo or video

5 鲜鱼口大栅栏里的民国风——中国第一家电影院

The 1920’s life style & architecture in Dashiler and Xianyukou-China’s first cinema

6 前门大街的铛铛车——摇曳声中仿佛回到了1910

The trolley cars at Qianmen Street-it may bring you “back “ to 1910’s

7 正阳门的巍峨——全北京最高的楼子

The towering Zhengyangmen-the tallest building in Beijing

8 广场东侧路的车流——从东侧路“贴近”祖国的心脏

Traffic flow on the east side of the Square-from the east side of the road you are getting much”closer” to the heart of the motherland

9 向天安门行注目礼——这款助力自行车警察叔叔都认识了

Solute to Tiananmen Square-I know the caps are always “aware” of us

10 我和午门有个约定——你可以骑车到午门打个让整个朋友圈都羡慕的卡


I have an appointment with the Meridian Gate-riding to the Meridian Gate of the Forbidden City for a photo

(This is subject to the official notifications)

11 故宫角楼我来了——故宫西北角楼的印迹

A shot of the watchtower of the Forbidden City-a glimpse of the spectacular architecture of the Forbidden City

12 登上景山看故宫——故宫全景拍摄


Bird’s eye-view of the Forbidden City-Panorama of the Forbidden City on the top of Jingshan

(This is subject to the official notifications)

13 银锭观山——天气好能看见西山的一个最佳位置

Viewing Hill from Yinding Bridge-the best place to see the West Hill when weather permits

14 醇亲王府后墙的沧桑——在鼓楼西大街和醇亲王府外墙感受历史的凝重

The vicissitudes of the back wall of Prince Jin’s Mansion——Feel the history of Gulou West Street and the outer wall of Prince Chun’s Mansion

15 钟鼓楼广场我来了——北中轴的终点

I am coming to the Bell and Drum Tower Square-the end of the North Central Axis

16 玉河公园——我和大运河合个影

Yuhe Park-A photo with the Grand Canal

17 春风书院——据说是刘若英先生开的网红咖啡店

Chunfeng Academy-a well-known coffee shop by Ms. Liu Ruoying’s husband


Historic sites 历史古迹

1永定门 Yongding Gate

2先农坛 Altar of the god of Agriculture

3 天坛 Temple of Heaven

4 大栅栏 Dashiler

5 天安门 Tian’anmen Square

6 故宫 Forbidden City

7 北海 Beihai Park

8 景山 Jingshan Park

9 银锭桥 Yingding Bridge

10 醇亲王府 Prince Chun’s Mansion

11 钟楼 Drum Tower

12 鼓楼 Bell Tower

13 万宁桥 Wanning Bridge

14 大运河(玉河)Grand Canal

15 皇城根遗址公园 Huangchenggen Relics Park



1 中轴线上覆盖的整个历史保护区很多,我们的骑行均会路过,同时我们也将会向客人讲解相关的历史文化知识;

There are many historical preservation areas covered on the central axis, we will pass by them, and we will also explain relevant historical and cultural knowledge to guests;

2 罗列的区域,如遇重大交通管制及官方活动,我们会提前告知;

For the areas listed above we will inform in advance in case of major traffic control or official activities;

3 整个骑游体验,我们会以“骑行+下车探秘”这种形式,让客人在一静一动之间来“发现城市的美”;

For the entire riding experience, we not only ride, but also go and explore the secrets of the town on foot. We give all participants a chance to see through the town during pedaling;

4 我们将包含景山的参观(具体需要提前预约,细节到时候再敲定)一路上,会给客人推荐一些有特色的小吃。如果有午餐需要,也会向他们推荐什刹海周边的餐馆。

We will include the ticket of Jingshan Park (On-line reservations is required, and the details will be finalized later) along the way, and we will recommend some neat snacks to our guests. And if there is a need for lunch, recommendation for restaurants will be given in Shichahai;

5 未尽事宜,保持沟通。

We are open for all questions. 


For more information,  please contact us.

   Email:  Mobile & Wechat: 15901046127

We are looking forward to seeing you here soon.

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