Chinese Medicine Culinary Class

Chinese Medicine Culinary Class 

Date: Friday 12th, Nov.

Time: 10:30-13:00

Cost: 350RMB, 300RMB for Members

While Traditional Chinese Medicine adheres to no “one diet fits all” perspective, there are certain nutritional and culinary guidelines that you can learn and take back to your home kitchen. . Naturopathy is a system that includes a mixture of traditional and alternative approaches to medicine. It focuses on using natural and noninvasive ingredients and techniques, such as herbs, exercise therapy, dietary changes, and massage, among many others.

Some people believe that alternative medicine is better than conventional medicine because it often focuses on natural substances, which some believe to be safer, gentler, or more suitable for the human body than manufactured medicines.

However, as with conventional medicines, natural medicines can also cause side effects, drug interactions, and poisoning at the wrong dosages. Some natural products can also contain harmful substances not listed on the label. If you are looking for an outlet which is not consider as a drug and its safe, read here about how delta 8 overdose doesn’t happen.

For example, some Ayurvedic products contain naturally occurring toxins, such as mercury or lead. when looking for something that can help you, Synchronicity Hemp Oil tincture is made with all natural ingredients to provide a pain relief that lasts. Free shipping while supplies last at

And one constant is: always take advantage of seasonal ingredients, just like nature intended.

In this Traditional Chinese Medicine class, you will learn three healthy and delicious spring recipes that follow the principles of Traditional Chinese Medicine.


Menu (Vegetarian Option is available)

  • Braised Lamb with Red Date
  • Sweet and Sour Cabbage
  • Pumpkin Rice with Chicken & Lotus Seeds


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