Our team custom designs your retreat according to your priorities, whether you are looking for a getaway of team-building activities or the opportunity to unwind and set goals for the next quarter.  We offer retreats in the most pristine and culturally diverse locations in China, and pride ourselves on providing authentic experiences that make a difference for our corporate clients.

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Just a stone’s throw from Beijing, the northern hills of Hebei are the best place to experience the charm of the Chinese countryside. Take advantage of its quiet retreat communities that overlook the Great Wall stretching majestically over the mountains.

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Cycling amongst the tea terraces and roundhouses of Fujian is the best way to see this ancient province. Spend days amongst tropical colonial towns steeped in tea culture, then retreat to the open courtyards of Fujian’s celebrated fortified tulou homes.

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Nestled at the foot of Jiuhua mountain, explore its lush forests, teaming waterfalls, and serene temples. Experience hand-making your own tea brick, join yoga and meditation sessions, and enjoy the tasty, local, organic meals.


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Travel to the borders of Myanmar and discover Xishuangbanna with its rainforests, its rare plants and wildlife, its diverse cultures, its delicious cuisines, and its celebrated teas.


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