Hui Culinary Treasures: A Niujie Food Journey

Hui Culinary Treasures: A Niujie Food Journey

Date: Thursday 16th Nov.

Time: 10:00-13:00

Cost: 350RMB/person, 300RMB for members


Stroll along the lively streets, soaking up the unique blend of Chinese and Islamic culture, as you sample delectable dishes like juicy lamb skewers, hand-pulled noodles, and delicate beef pastries. Savor the scrumptious taste of freshly baked sesame flatbreads and indulge in the sweetness of traditional Chinese-Muslim desserts.

In between bites, learn about the intriguing history of the area, which dates back more than a thousand years, and marvel at the stunning architecture of the ancient mosques. With limited group sizes, our Niujie food tour promises an intimate, engaging experience.

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