Yunnan Hei San Duo 云南黑三剁

Yunnan Hei San Duo 云南黑三剁

Hei San Duo is one of the most common home-cooked dishes in Yunnan. Simple to prepare but very tasty and with typically low-cost ingredients, it can be served with rice, porridge, noodles, vegetables and more. The name of the dish literally indicates the dishes colour, the number of ingredients, and how it’s prepared.


Hei 黑 here refers to the dish’s black colour, San 三 refers to it’s three main ingredients, pork, chilli peppers and typical Yunnan kohlrabi pickles (where black colour of the dish comes from) while Duo 剁 or ‘to mince’ is what we do with the ingredients (before finally frying them together.)


If you are looking for a flavourful dish that can be cooked within a half-hour, Hei San Duo is a good choice. it can also be a vegetarian/vegan-friendly dish by simply substituting the pork with minced mushrooms and tofu.


The dish should be sweet, salty and spicy with a balanced texture from the slightly chewy meat and crunchy vegetable ingredients. To adjust the spiciness, you can choose different types of pepper; usually, local chilli peppers are quite spicy in Yunnan! If the pickled kohlrabi is not easy for you to find, you can use any other pickles instead, or simply change the pickles for tomatoes and create a Hong (Red) San Duo!

这道菜集甜、咸、辣为味道于一身。口感上,肉末的嚼劲带着蔬菜的松脆。你也可以依照个人口味, 选择不同品种的辣椒,来满足对不同辣度的需要。云南特产的青红云椒是比较辣的。如果你在市场上找不到玫瑰大头菜,也可以用任意咸菜、酱菜或泡菜代替;或者将其换成西红柿,那就做成了另外一道云南家常菜:红三剁!

Now, let’s see how to cook this dish. 现在,让我们一起来创作这道美食吧!

Serves: 4


250g minced pork

1 large pointed green chilli pepper

1 large pointed red chilli pepper

100g finely chopped Yunnan pickled kohlrabi*

500g  leafy or iceberg lettuce

1 tbsp light soy sauce*

1 tbsp Chinese cooking wine*

2 tbsp vegetable oil*

Minced pork 猪肉末 Zhūròu Mò

Pickled kohlrabi 玫瑰大头菜 Méiguī dàtóucài

Green chilli pepper 青尖椒 Qīng jiān jiāo

Red chilli pepper 红尖椒 Hóngjiān jiāo

Lettuce 生菜 Shēngcài


Remove seeds and stalks from the green and the red peppers, then chop both peppers into small pieces. chop the kohlrabi into small pieces like chopped pepper.  Carefully separate the lettuce leaves for later use. 青绿尖椒去籽,去筋,切碎末,玫瑰大头菜切与辣椒大小一样的碎末。将生菜叶小心分开备用。

Heat the oil in the wok with high heat. Fry minced pork until golden. Splash in cooking wine and light soy sauce. Stir well until fragrant. Quickly stir in chopped peppers and pickled kohlrabi. Fry for another 3 minutes and transfer to a plate.大火起锅热油,放猪肉末炒至金黄,加料酒,生抽,继续翻炒至香。放入辣椒末,玫瑰大头菜末,一起翻炒约3分钟,盛盘。

Place a few spoons full of Heisanduo inside a lettuce leaf, wrap, and enjoy.将几勺炒好的黑三剁放在生菜叶里,包好享用。


  • Light soy sauce 生抽 Shēng chōu
  • Cooking wine 料酒 Liàojiǔ
  • Vegetable oil 植物油 zhíwùyóu
  • Kohlrabi (from the German for cabbage turnip; Brassica oleracea Gongylodes Group), also called German turnip, is a biennial vegetable, a low, stout cultivar of wild cabbage. It is the same species as cabbage, broccoli, cauliflower, kale, Brussels sprouts, collard greens, Savoy cabbage, and gai lan. It can be eaten raw or cooked. Edible preparations are made with both the stem and the leaves. Despite its common names, it is not the same species as a turnip – from Wikipedia.  苤蓝的中文介绍请点击此链接

In Beijing, you can find pickled kohlrabi in normal supermarkets, pickle section, or wet market.玫瑰大头菜可以在北京各大超市和市场酱菜区找到。

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