Xinjiang Hand-Pulled Noodle Online Making Class

Xinjiang Hand-Pulled Noodle Online Making Class


Date: Tuesday, 14th July

Time: 10:00 am -12:30 pm  Beijing time

Cost: 220RMB/person, 170RMB for members including shopping list and tips, recipe and instructor


The art of making Lamian or hand-pulled noodles is an old tradition in China, dating back to 1504. They differ from region to region but the principle is the same: kneading the dough and repeatedly stretching it to produce many strands of thin, long noodles.


What you will learn:


The process of making hand-pulled noodles looks complicated but we break down the steps and show you how to perfect your noodles. Alongside the noodles, we will show you how to prepare a sweet and seasonal Xinjiang sauce.




How does it work:


–           Sign up the class

–           Pre-payment is required once the booking is processed, Wechat pay or Paypal

–           Recipes and Zoom Meeting ID will be sent

–           Get ingredients ready for the class

–           Cook together with our chefs

–           Enjoy the meal


Private bookings are also available to book and Spanish translation is available for classes.





For more information,  please contact us.

Email: [email protected]  Mobile & Wechat: 15901046127

We are looking forward to seeing you here soon.

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