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Welcome to The Hutong Store where you’ll find fun gifts that can be used in your culinary adventures again and again. If you do not find what you need there are many more options at online stores like Shoppok.


The Hutong freshly made signature Mulled Wine. Order a day before and get it the second day.



Our Sichuan recipe cards offer a mouthwatering selection of spicy culinary classics, each with 10 delicious dishes.


Our Yunnan recipe cards take you to a world of distinctive Chinese flavours blended with the exotic freshness of Southeast Asia, each with 10 delicious dishes.


Our Dough recipe cards offer a mouthwatering selection of homemade culinary classics, from dumplings to noodles.

180 RMB 

Our chef’s knives are all one-piece stainless steel with custom packaging containing instructions for use and maintenance.

30 RMB 

Perfect for rolling your dumplings and noodles.

30 RMB 

Keep fingers safe while chopping, slicing, and dicing.

100 RMB 

The Hutong Chef’s Apron

For those splashy, floury cooking tasks, our chef’s aprons are what you need for your kitchen routines.

200 RMB 

Five-spice, black cardamom, goji berries, Sichuan pepper, chili oil, pepper+chili+pink salt. Six spice jars perfectly fit in a bamboo steamer with a panda magnet.



Our Sichuan Peppercorn has come right from the heart of fiery Sichuan province. Just a pinch will add a kick to your culinary creations.


Our Sichuan Chili Oil from the heart of the fiery Sichuan province. A couple of drops will add a kick to your culinary creations.


Our pink salt, Sichuan peppercorn and chilies come from the heart of fiery Sichuan province.  A pinch of each will add a kick to your culinary creations.

120 RMB 

Infused white tea balls from Fujian province. Treat yourself with one of our wide range of flavours.

Dark Chocolate + Mint

Dark Chocolate


Apple + Cinnamon


Vanilla + Mandarin

Vanilla + Coconut


120/200/480 RMB | Tea Journeys Tea Collections

Infused white teas from Fujian province. The tea collections have different flavours of teas in one package.

110 RMB |Pinyin Press Tea Towels: Recipes

Our tea towels with dumpling or baozi recipes for your kitchen chores.

110 RMB | Dandan Noodles Recipe

Screen printed by hand, our Dan Dan Recipe tea towels offer a first introduction to Chinese cooking. Match with our Noodle Bowl tea towel or with other recipe tea towels in our collection for a complementary set.

110 RMB 

Our tea towels will teach you Chinese Finger Counting as you go.

110 RMB 

Brighten your chores with our Jiǎozi Tea Towels. Dumplings 饺子 or ‘Jiǎozi’ are often served at Chinese New Year as they are believed to bring prosperity. Some chefs will hide a coin inside for the lucky to find.

110 RMB 

Our Baozi – Gourmet Bun’s tea towels. One of the staples of Chinese cuisine, Baozi are rich in history and in flavour (provided you choose the right fillings).



Our quintessentially Asian, Noodle Bowl tea towel. A symbol of longevity, noodles are often enjoyed during birthday celebrations, making this a fun celebratory gift for family and friends.


The ‘Fú Teapot’ design is a contemporary take on the traditional Yíxīng Teapot. The hexagonal shape is believed to bring ‘fú’ or good fortune. “A teapot means so much more than a mere vessel for brewing and pouring tea. The teapot is a symbol of friendship, of telling stories and confiding in each other.”


The Baozi  Salt and Pepper Shakers make for a useful souvenir of Asia and a great cross-cultural gift to friends and family.

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