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HO! HO! HO! Time to celebrate Christmas! Time for sharing and time for giving gifts with love to each other! For our community, it is also the time for The Hutong Winter Fayre where it was the custom to get our signature mulled wine and all the gifts.



This year, after all the policy changes in the Jing due to COVID, we finally are able to open up our courtyard again! However, unfortunately, we had to make the very difficult decision NOT to host our Winter Fayre this year for the health and safety of our guests, vendors, and staff as the positive cases have steeply increased in these weeks.


Yet! Yet! Yet! Our mulled wine is available for order, pick up, or delivery to your door! And our merchandise, from gift vouchers to chili oil and more, is available for sale too! or, what about a private online cooking class for beloved ones overseas (please contact for more details)



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Although The Hutong Winter Fayre couldn’t take place this year, the spirit of sharing and gifting during Christmas remains strong. As an alternative, why not consider a custom Christmas gift that will bring joy and laughter to your loved ones? One unique idea to explore is custom bobble heads. These delightful and personalized creations can capture the likeness of your family members or friends, making for a truly memorable and fun present. Whether it’s a miniature version of a beloved pet or a comical depiction of a cherished family moment, custom bobble heads are sure to bring smiles and laughter during the holiday season. While we may not be able to gather physically, the spirit of giving and sharing continues to shine through creative and personalized gifts. Explore the possibilities of  bobble heads and other unique goods from our partners to find the perfect Christmas surprise that will make this year’s celebrations extra special.

You can also search for heartwarming and personalized gifts which can become even more delightful for the receiver. And amidst the holiday spirit of sharing and joy, consider adding a touch of humor and warmth with custom face socks, creating a one-of-a-kind present that will surely bring laughter and coziness. Whether it’s a portrait, a beloved pet’s face, or a cherished memory, face socks add a fun and sentimental twist to traditional gifting. While physical gatherings may be limited, the thoughtfulness and creativity of personalized gifts like face socks continue to bridge the distance and make this year’s winter Christmas celebrations even more memorable. Take a look at the unique goods and surprises offered by our partners to discover the perfect custom gift for your loved ones.

We wish you a Christmas with lots of love, care, warmth, and laughter with families and friends in this cold winter in the Jing!

Stay Safe & Sound

Cheers from all of us at The Hutong!




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