The Famous Tamales Making

Tastes of Mexico: The Famous Tamales 

Date: Wednesday  19th, Jan.

Time: 10:30-13:00

Cost: 350RMB, 300RMB for Members


Of the more than 500 tamal recipes that exist in Mexico, we have chosen the green tamal with pork, there is a small sample of the miscegenation between pre-Hispanic cuisine and Spanish colonial cuisine mainly, known today around the world as Mexican cuisine. The tamal that began as a ritual dish in ancient times, today is still a dish to celebrate important dates or family events.

We could define this sample of Mexican culinary history as a corn cake filled with meats or vegetables and sauces if it is salty tamal or with fruits and nuts if it is sweet tamal, wrapped in banana leaf or corn and steamed.

But it is not possible to present a tamal without an atole, his faithful companion. Atole is the drink that for years has complemented them with different flavours (fruits, nuts, chocolate and others) but the same thick consistency. Together they are one of the strongest traditions present at any table in Mexico.


  • Tamales Dough
  • Green & Red Sauce with Chicken
  • Rice and Cinammon Atole


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