Tastes of Greece – Home Style Greek Cooking

Date: Tuesday, 8th Sep.
Time: 19:00-21:30
Cost: 350 RMB, 300 RMB for members

Come and celebrate the rich and varied flavours of Greek homestyle cooking with Chef Marissa.  Greek cuisine is not just adding feta cheese to a salad or cinnamon syrup to walnut desserts.  Greek cooking is rich and deep in flavour with thousands of years of history behind some of the recipes.

Ranging from creamy comfort foods and rustic meat dishes to fresh vegetable sautées and sauces, these Greek recipes will be full of flavour and stories galore.

Come and learn the secrets of making a traditional salad with a dressing that packs a Mediterranean punch, a homemade dinner of all-beef meatballs with plenty of herbs and spices in the mix, a zesty herb yogurt sauce for dipping, and a comforting orzo dish for a warm finale.

You can take these culinary techniques to the next level and give to many of your recipes a Mediterranean twist!


  • Keftethes – Homestyle Beef Meatballs
  • Tsaziki Sauce with Orange Peel
  • Salata Horiatiki – Country Style Greek Salad
  • Manestra – Orzo pasta with brown butter and yogurt



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