Swedish Holiday Dinner Chef Table with Mattias Lundahl

Swedish Holiday Dinner Chef Table with Mattias Lundahl

Date: Friday. 4th December

Time: 19:00-21:30

Cost: 350RMB person, 300RMB for members, including a bottle of beer or a glass of wine, and free-flow soft drinks.



New Nordic Cuisine promotes local, natural and seasonal produce for the preparation of new healthy, delicious dishes both at restaurants and at home. This Swedish Holiday Dinner will offer a taste and presentation about what new Nordic cuisine is today, introducing some typical Swedish flavors with a creative twist. It will also explore the importance of sustainable cooking.

The host Mattias Lundahl works as a chef for the Swedish Ambassador in Beijing and between the dishes he will explain the inspiration behind each course.



Cold smoked salmon with crème cheese, mustard, golden beetroot and kale   

3 textures of potato with allspice, brown-butter & grilled mayonnaise 

Glazed pork with cinnamon, apple & red cabbage  

Frozen cheese with rosemary, bread crisp and apricot 

Burning Christmas cake with vanilla cream & rumptof



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