Sue Opens Hani Gejiu

The Hutong is a centre for culture and innovation, and we take enormous pride in our staff. They are our heart and soul, taking people’s learning further, inspiring and infusing culture through the experiences they provide. We have been extremely fortunate to have attracted such incredibly talented people, who in turn have shared with and touched the lives of so many through The Hutong’s programs. With personal growth at the core of what we do, we encourage our team to follow their call in the adventure of life.

We are delighted to share with you the mouth-watering adventure of chef Sue, one of our exceptional Hutong staff:

Sue Zhou came to The Hutong in 2011, immediately becoming immersed in sharing her love and passion of food , teaching culinary workshops from Sichuan to Zhejiang to Fusion cuisine. Recently, her culinary odyssey has led her to open her own restaurant: Beijing’s soon-to-be highly acclaimed eatery Hani Gejiu, highlighting the very best of Yunnan food from the HongHeZhou area, inspired dishes that focus on fresh, seasonal food.

Get on board, and make a booking at Sue’s newest venture:  Hani Gejiu Restaurant, which can be found at Zhongluowan Hutong 46.

Sue will still be teaching classes at The Hutong. For the latest culinary calendar please click here.