International Award’s Inaugural Voyage at The Hutong

This June, The Hutong Education staff, along with Harrow International School Beijing, were together able to realize the goal of re-igniting The Duke of Edinburgh International Award program. The main focus of the DofE program is to allow students to create and lead their own adventurous journeys: building confidence, character, and strong team dynamics while connecting with the outdoors. Candidates completing the practice had to attain skills for map-reading, compass work, campsite management, first aid, and supply-rationing. During this process, the students worked in small teams with defined roles for each day. The students earned their stripes and their assessors awarded them with completion of their Bronze award, as well as completion of their Silver Award for successful practice of adventurous journeys. The Hutong Education is looking forward to assisting more and more students in China realize their goal of participating in the International Award program. For more info on our IA programs, send us an inquiry by clicking here.