Spring Programs Recap 2018

“Sir Cliff Richard’s main wish for his summer holidays was fun and laughter, and while some much needed R&R is surely the top order of the day, what if we can all challenge ourselves to learn or do something new this summer? A new skill perhaps? Or pushing our physical boundaries in someway? Because this is the same expectation that we place on our students on every single Hutong program. It’s the fear of uncertainty of something that’s new or different, and the unparalleled feeling of success when we achieve something unexpected. This is what sustains us and helps us grow. 

My simple goal this Summer is to sleep out under the stars. It’s something I wish I did more often and I’m hoping this can be a launch pad to extend my very patchy knowledge of astronomy. So what do you wish for from your summer holidays? Perhaps as you read through some of the articles from our newest destinations across China, the undertakings of our incredible students can help inspire you. 

In the meantime, we wish you all a wonderful summer and we look forward to seeing you in the next academic year.” 

Josh Kernan, Director of Educational Programs, The Hutong


“Having been on three different trips with the Hutong, with three different leaders, to three different places with different needs and activities, I would absolutely recommend them to anyone looking for a great experiential learning experience for their students.”

Paul Staveley, Dulwich College Shanghai

“The Inner Mongolia trip is the best educational visit I have been on. The variety of activity and location allows for pupils to experience something the normally wouldn’t, and learn in a unique environment. The Hutong staff were professional, organised and an absolute pleasure to work with both before and during the trip.”

Chris Payne, Dulwich College Shanghai

“Our three day residential this year was amazing for our students. The trip was well organised, engaging, fun and educational. It allowed our students to push boundaries and discover themselves. As tiring as it was, I thoroughly enjoyed the trip!”

Iyabo Tinubu, YCIS Beijing

“Taking a group of 45 Grade Five students on a four day trip can be pretty intimidating, especially when working overseas in international schools! However The Hutong makes this process easy and enjoyable for staff and students alike. The trip to Xi’An is such a highlight of the year for staff and students at WISS. I absolutely love seeing my kids thrive in the well-structured, action-packed programme run by The Hutong. Aside from the AMAZING food and awesome, varied activities, the main drawcard for me would be the highly competent and friendly staff who take charge of planning and logistics, allowing teachers to focus on pastoral care and getting to know our students outside of the classroom. The Hutong is a company that really understands kids and teachers, and that lives out it core values in its daily operation. A++ and highly recommended!”

Lucy King, Western International School of Shanghai

“Since we have started using the Hutong for our residential trips, the quality of our trips has really improved. Their staff are friendly, approachable and enthusiastic, and will adapt trips to suit the need of their clients. I can recommend them unhesitatingly.”

Marina Prozesky, Dulwich College Shanghai

“The Hutong staff in Moganshan worked tirelessly and actively engaged the students with fun and meaningful educational activities, which promoted independent thinking and confidence to tackle challenges head on. They also had various team-building activities such as a scavenger hunt, raft building and farming which helped students develop stronger relationships with their peers. What struck me the most (especially being a parent of the school) was witnessing first hand how The Hutong team, consistently showed genuine care and concern for each of the students during the trip. All in all, they have truly provided an amazing memorable experience for the all the Year 4 students at the British School of Nanjing that the students are already excited and looking forward to next year’s residential trip with The Hutong staff!!!”

Mira Squibb, The British School of Nanjing

“The Hutong Education program is exceptional. The staff are friendly, extremely informative, and very well organized. From start to finish we felt totally taken care of and that they helped to make this a once in a life time experience for our students. Thank you, Hutong staff!”

Janie Rowe,  Pace Academy


“If you are traveling in China it would be best to do that with people that are so nice and caring like the Hutong Staff :D”

Student, ISF Academy

“The Hutong is a way of life. The more you travel with The Hutong, the more you know.”

Student, YCIS Beijing

“Life begins at the end of your comfort zone.”

Student, ISF Academy

“The Hutong experience was amazing and everyone got to know each other so well!”

Student, Dulwich College Shanghai

“I learned to always be a good egg and seek challenge”

Student, International School of Beijing

“On the trip, I realized just how fortunate we are to be living in a first world, developed city. Had I not gone on this trip, I would not have fully appreciated what fortune I have had all along. Furthermore, thanks to the trip I have also learnt much more about other foreign cultures, and most importantly more about myself.”

Student, YCIS Shanghai

“It’s a whole different experience living in a World Heritage Site. You have an amazing team that ensures the best experience possible.”

Student, YK Pao

“The Hutong Education is the best!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!”

Student, Harrow Beijing

“Thanks the Hutong programme I had one of the most beautiful trips in my life. I learnt so many things about Chinese culture that I will remember forever. The reflection nights helped me to develop my ideas and to realise how lucky I am. Everyday was well organised and challenges were always taken. I think I will bring this experience with me forever as it has truly changed me. I’ll definitely recommend this programme to everyone with curiosity and willing to enrich themselves culturally”

Student, Dulwich College Shanghai

“It was a life changing experience.”

Student, YCIS Beijing