Chef’s Table: Shalom! A Passover Feast

The Chef’s Table: Shalom! A Passover Feast 

Date: Saturday, 16th April
Time: 18:00-21:00
Cost: 398 RMB, 368RMB for members  including one drink


Join friends and soon-to-be friends for a Seder like no other. Celebrate the holiday of Passover and discover the close connections between Jewish and Chinese traditions here at The Hutong. Learn why we eat only unleavened bread during this week, why we drink four cups of wine and ask four questions during our communal dinner and why we debate the lessons of the Four Sons. Participate in an abbreviated version of the 3000-year-old story of how the Jewish people escaped enslavement in Pharaoh’s Egypt and spent 40 years, led by Moses, through the desert to freedom. The Passover story also can be seen as a parable for today, as we experience life during a worldwide pandemic and confront an unknown future with faith and fellowship.

Let all who are hungry, come and eat. Let all who are needy come and celebrate Passover.





(chopped walnuts and apples with honey and wine)

Chopped Chicken Live Paté with Matzo Crackers

Gefilte Fish

(chopped white fish with onions, carrots, leeks and matzo meal, poached in homemade fish stock)


Soup Course

Homemade Matzo Ball Soup with Shredded Chicken


Main Course

Roasted Chicken with Baby Potatoes


Side Dishes


(Roasted Sweet Potatoes, Carrots, Tart Apples and Raisins)

Blistered Green Beans with Red Pepper Flakes



Traditional Coconut Macaroons



About Chef  Melissa Meltzer Warehall

Melissa has been cooking and eating, traditional Jewish foods her whole life. Her first home was her grandparents’ apartment in a kosher hotel and one of her fondest childhood memories is her father making homemade chopped liver for holidays. Melissa’s Passover dishes for The Hutong’s seder are a combination of family favourites and her own recipes honed over time in her kitchens in Chicago.


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