Mid-Autumn Celebration with Mooncake Making & Tea Tasting

Date: Saturday, September 14th
Time: 2:30pm – 4:00pm
Cost: 200 RMB, 180 RMB for members

Come and join us to this fun, social Mid- Autumn Festival with your family and friends to celebrate this season by making some moon cakes, tea tasting as well as making handcrafted tea. In addition, learn the history and technique behind these traditions and how to pair the moon cake flavour with different types of tea.

We will have three activities for this event:

  • Moon Cakes Cooking with 4 types of Filling (Sweet Lotus Paste, Traditional Red Bean & Date Paste, Five Nuts & Chocolate)
  • Tea Tasting (pairing with Mooncakes)
  • Tea Handcraft

Price: 200 RMB, 180 RMB for members (RMB150 for children under 13 years)Book-Now