Hutong’s Mid-Summer Watermelon Eating Competition

Without realising it, the summer has already passed half way. To celebrate this summer in our courtyard, The Hutong hosted a Watermelon Eating Competition.

Watermelon is one of the best fruit to enjoy in summer, and China has the highest annual production in the world. Based on the 2012 figure, China alone produces 70 million tonnes of watermelons by itself. That roughly 67% of world total production. On top of that, China still import watermelon from other countries every year. A clear sign how much Chinese people love watermelon.

Because the staff of The Hutong are all excellent eaters, and to help the Chinese watermelon produce to go stronger, we picked the biggest fresh watermelons in the market, and our group of competitors (The Hutong staff) were put into two groups to test the true potential of The Hutong staff’s watermelon eating skills.

watermelon eating competition

Getting ready for the competition

 watermelon cutting

Practicing the art of watermelon cutting (smashing)

watermelon eating competition

So the battle begins

watermelon eating competition

Peacefully enjoy a piece of watermelon is one thing, stuff everything in your mouth in 2 seconds is another story.

watermelon eating competition

watermelon eating competition

Because, this is war!

watermelon eating competition

“I think I will always recall the hot steamy Beijing summer when I eat watermelon.”

watermelon skin

The aftermath of the battle

eating watermelon

It doesn’t really matter which team won. In the end, we had a fun afterwork evening, and we are enjoying every single moment of this summer, just like we enjoyed every single bite of the watermelon. Thank you watermelon, for being so humble, sweet and juicy!