TINYpulse’s Happiest Organization of 2017


Maybe you’ve been on one of our programs in Beijing or across China, maybe you’ve come to our courtyard to learn how to make the perfect 餃子, maybe you’ve come in for a cooking competition with a team from your office, or maybe you’ve been roped into one of our many creative educational programs or cultural events. Each time there’s a comment that we notice about the people who work here: “they were great with the kids”, “such a dedicated and passionate team”, “there is something about those Hutongers, they seem to have that infectious smile.

We received notice recently that our wonderful partners and friends were not the only ones to have noticed our tendency to have a great time when we work, learn, and share. TINYpulse, an internal feedback and human resources company that The Hutong employs, has awarded us this year’s “Happiest Company Award” based on our internal feedback scores submitted over 2017. We are so honored, excited, and of course—happy about it! We want to thank our clients, our students, our school liaisons, and our partners both in and outside of Beijing. Everyone who is a part of The Hutong experience makes it interesting, educational, and fun!

Here at The Hutong, we do strive to provide exceptional cultural experiences, and with that comes the loving task of creating a company culture that is exceptional to work in. Our greatest goal is to share culture and share knowledge in a fun learning environment, and with that comes assembling our eclectic team, who are full of talent, eager to learn, and always ready to tackle any problem that comes their way.

Whether we are frying up some 炒菜 in the kitchen, leading an educational tour or running a crazy game, the one thing that ties us all together is our goal to share what we know about the rich culture of this wonderful country, all the while having a great time!

Here’s to smiling more in 2018 and beyond!