Date: Sunday November 8th
Time: 3:00pm – 6:00pm
Cost: 400 RMB, 300 RMB for members

Food photography isn’t just about composing a pretty picture, it’s a way to convey tastes, seasons, and stories. Whatever your goals for creating food images, and whatever your level of photography or plating, learn to work with the tools you have to create the most mouthwatering shot in this 3-hour hands-on workshop!

What you need:
* Camera or phone, whatever you plan to shoot with.
* Knowledge of your own camera.
* Computer or phone with your photo-processing app.

Topics covered:

Goals: Defining why you want to make an image and discovering your food story.
Camera basics: exposure, angle, depth-of-field
Light basics: quantity and quality of light, direction, shape.
Applying the above to food: What light makes food look good, how to control light.
Composition: plating, propping, styling, camera angle.
Post Production: processing the photos on the computer or on the iPhone.

Whether you’re a blogger wanting to show off your recipes in a better light, a photo editor wishing to give better directions to your photographer and stylist, or a foodie who wants better-looking memories of your next meal, you will walk away with tools to make a more delicious photo.

Come join Cherry Li in this food photography in this mouth watering workshop.


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Cherry Li – Food photographer Cherry Li has been into photography since she was 13, but shifted her focus to food after moving to Beijing. She’s taken photos for Moka Bros, Modo, Transit and Okra, with some images winning awards in the PDN Taste photo contest.MokaPoster_MG_1831MokaMenu_MG_1609