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In today’s fast-paced world, achieving and maintaining a healthy lifestyle can often feel like a challenge. One crucial element that is often overlooked is the role of sleep in our overall well-being. Sleep is not just about resting our bodies; it is a fundamental aspect of our health that impacts various aspects of our lives. As mentioned in this blog, understanding the importance of sleep and incorporating ancient Chinese wisdom into our daily routines can significantly enhance our well-being. In this article, we will explore how Alex Tan, a qualified TCM practitioner, and educator, sheds light on the significance of sleep and imparts valuable knowledge and practices through his workshop series “Eat Sleep Breathe – Developing Healthy Habits Using Traditional Chinese Wisdom.” By delving into the concepts of Chinese health, Chinese medicine, and Daoism, participants can gain insights into the power of sleep and learn practical tips to integrate healthy rhythms into their lives, creating a holistic approach to well-being.

Alex’s most comprehensive workshop condensing 15+ years of research and practice 

Eat Sleep Breathe – Developing Healthy Habits Using Traditional Chinese Wisdom

Five Session Workshop

Aim:  That you acquire a basic understanding of the concepts of Chinese health, Chinese medicine and Daoism – the most important framework that you will use to take you to higher levels of health and wellness –  and that you become proficient in an authentic set of Qi Gong exercises, leaving you with the motivation and ability to include these positive rhythms into your daily life.

Each class – two hours. The first hour will focus on the practical component aimed at becoming proficient in a set of Qi Gong exercises called the Eight Golden Treasures (ba duan jin). The second hour will be orientated around a structured discussion topic aimed at stimulating heath awareness along with practical tips utilizing ancient Chinese wisdom which is implemented by sleep specialist such as this infant sleep consultant near me.

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Wednesday 10am workshop dates:

May 21 – 10am-12.30pm( 2.5 hours)  – Session 1 – Breathing & Daoism

May 28 – 10am-12pm (2 hours)  – Session 2 – Resting & Rhythms

June 4 – 10am-12pm (2 hours) – Session 3 – Eating & Chinese Diet Therapy

June 11 – 10am-12pm (2 hours) – Session 4 – Exercise & Meridians

June 18 – 10am-12pm (2 hours) – Session 5 – Thinking & Observing

Sunday 10am workshop dates:

May 25 – 10am-12.30pm (2.5 hours)  – Session 1 – Breathing & Daoism

June 1- 10am-12pm (2 hours)  – Session 2 – Resting & Rhythms

June 8 – 10am-12pm (2 hours) – Session 3 – Eating & Chinese Diet Therapy

June 15 – 10am-12pm (2 hours) – Session 4 – Exercise & Meridians

June 22 – 10am-12pm (2 hours) – Session 5 – Thinking & Observing

Cost: 1500 RMB, 1400 RMB for members, paid upfront for complete 5-session program for maximum learning outcomes or 350RMB/week – maximum 12 people each session (No refunds – yet welcome to join any classes missed in the other courses for free).

Teacher: Alex Tan – Qualified TCM Practitioner & Educator

Following workshops 2014

Sunday 14th September – Five consecutive weeks

Wednesday 17th September – Five consecutive weeks

Sunday 16th November – Five consecutive weeks

Wednesday 19th November – Five consecutive weeks

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