The Beijing Chocolate Chronicles

Enjoy chocolate as the seductive finale of a great meal, and as the enticing winning ingredient of a main course. Taste your way to a new perspective on chocolate with The Hutong Executive Chef Sue and the chocolatiers from Vandergeeten. In each class you will learn to make a chocolate dessert and an exquisite savory chocolate creation. Explore the wonders of chocolate fusion cuisine and how to use chocolate as an ingredient to bring out the flavors in fashionable dishes.

The Beijing Chocolate Chronicles is part of The Hutong’s Global Kitchen series, which is designed to teach you the basics and beyond. Each workshop will bring you new flavors, new recipes, new stories, new friends. Take a gastronomic tour of the world in our Global Kitchen, one cuisine at a time. And learn more than just another dish.

Vandergeeten has been importing and distributing European delicacies for 17 years, with a particular emphasis on Belgian specialty beers and Belgian chocolate, among them: Cote d’Or, Toblerone and Maxim’s de Paris. The innovative Vandergeeten team brings fun events to Beijing: a Toblerone flower for Valentine’s day, a Charity Bachelor Auction with Hoegaarden, a pancake race with Chimay, and now a chocolate culinary series with The Hutong.

Our first class will take place on Sunday April 22nd at 4:30. Visit our calendar to register.

Cost: RMB 280, 220 for members.

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