How To Find Us

Click here to download a PDF of our map and directions.

Click here to download a PDF of our Live Long and Prosperous Map, done with our creative partners at WE Design Studios.

We are located at Beixinqiao, just south of Dongzhimen Nei – about halfway between Sanlitun & Houhai. We think our neighborhood is the place to get in touch with hutong culture, with plenty to check out nearby. We have created a map highlighting some local points of interest – 99 of them! We call it the live long and prosperous map because 99 (九十九)is an auspicious number in Chinese, suggesting longevity.

If you are coming for the first time, the easiest way to find us is to Take Taxi or Subway Line # 5 to:

Beixinqiao Line 5 Subway Exit C (Beixinqiao Di Tie Chu Kou C) 北新桥地铁 出口 C

Exit C is on Shique hutong (石雀胡同), which is next to the post office and is on the southeast corner of the Beixinqiao intersection. When you walk out of exit C, make a left turn. Continue to walk down Shique hutong for until you reach the 2nd hutong on your right, which is just past the Jiudaowan Community Center (九道湾居委会). It is a very small hutong, called Jiudaowanxixiang(九道弯西巷). Follow the hutong, you will turn a quick left and right until you get to Jiudaowanbeixiang (九道弯北巷) where you turn left. From here you should be able to look up and see our roof terrace. However, you need to go around the corner into Jiudaowanzhongxiang (九道弯中巷) and enter the red double doors on your right, and pictured below.

People often find it hard to find The Hutong, so we created a series of red dots that you can look for and follow. Above are the placings of the red dots and below are the corresponding pictures with the numbers. Have fun searching!

The Hutong’s Entrance: