Chinese Tea Tasting & Tea Brewing

Date: Thursday, 27th June

Time: 10:00-12:30

Cost: 280RMB, 240RMB for Members

In China “Tea” is indispensable in people’s lives. The art of tea: learning to recognize tea, preparing tea, tasting tea, and feeling the charm of the tea brewing has become the pleasure of tea lovers.

Tea drinking has a long and storied history in China. Tea drinking is a discovery of Chinese people and since then Chinese tea culture has developed and flowered. The legend has it that tea was ‘discovered’ by Emperor Shen Nung in 2737 BC when the wind blew some tea leaves into his cup of hot water. Despite tea has been part of the Chinese culture and used as medicine since centuries before, it turned into a popular drink in the 200’s AD. Tea cultivation, harvesting and consumption became more and more celebrated through the centuries becoming an important tradition and its ceremonial presentation came to be a form of art.



Join us in our courtyard tea room to learn about the history and tradition of tea making while training your palate to taste fine teas. Our tea experts will demonstrate how we make and drink tea in China. We will provide a tea set for each participant, and guide each participant to learn how to prepare and discern good tea. Our tea experts will explain the different use of various tea sets in the process of tea making. We will answer your questions such as: what are the differences in caffeine levels between teas, what is the difference is between loose leaf and bagged tea, what are the health benefits of different teas, and are there ideal seasons to drink certain teas?

If you are a tea lover and interested in the Chinese tea ceremony, join our tea ceremony class.





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