Chinese Intangible Cultural Heritage Workshop

Date: Saturday, 24th Feb.
Time: 14:30 – 17:00
Cost: 518RMB, 498RMB for members includes instructors, materials, and your own handmade artworks)


Come and join us with your family and friends to experience the fun and meaningful traditional customs of intangible cultural heritage.

In this event, you’ll learn the history and techniques behind the traditional customs of intangible cultural heritage through these three activities:


◆ The Four Treasures of Study (through Ink stone rubbing and” fu“ writing or personalized bookmark)

Inkstone rubbing: Stone rubbing, is the earliest printing form that appeared in ancient China. You will have a chance to explore this ancient practice and to create an inkstone rubbing artwork.


◆ The Traditional Woodblock Paintings (Door-gods and New Year paintings) 

The Traditional Woodblock Paintings for the new year, originating one thousand years ago, are Spring Festival couplets. The outline of the printed painting is engraved in woodblock and colored manually or overprinted. The woodblock paintings are used for greeting the lunar new year, beautifying the environment, and creating a joyful festive atmosphere. New Year paintings, reflect people’s expectations and best wishes for the New Year.


◆ Explore the magic of twist porcelain making.

The twist porcelain ceramic originated in the Tang Dynasty and reached its peak in the Song and Jin dynasties. This technique involves blending two or more different colored clay, then twisting and pulling the clay on a potter’s wheel, or shaping it by hand. A layer of transparent glaze is applied before firing the piece. Due to the varying methods of twisting the clay, the resulting textures are endlessly diverse. It can produce patterns resembling wood grain, bird feathers, clouds, flowing water, and sometimes gnarled old tree roots—all with myriad variations.
Cost: 518RMB, 498RMB for members  – Includes instructors, materials, and your own artwork


The workshop will be in Chinese with an English Translation




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