Chef’s Table: the Delicacy Dinner of Eritrea/ Ethiopia with Martha Woldu

Chef’s Table: the Delicacy Dinner of Eritrea/Ethiopia with Martha Woldu

Date: Saturday, 8th Oct.

Time: 18:30-21:00

Cost: 398RMB, 368RMB for members including one drink.


In this beautiful season, we invite you to join us to sample some authentic Eritrean/Ethiopian food & culture presented by artist and chef Martha Woldu.

The main traditional food in Eritrea and Ethiopia is beef stew, or chicken served with injera flatbread made from Teff. A typical Eritrean/Ethiopian dish consists of Injera accompanied by a spicy stew which frequently includes beef, goat, lamb, chicken, fish, vegetables, and beans.

Eritreans/Ethiopians like their food spicy and hot. Berbere (chili) is a mixture of familiar and unusual herbs and spices accompanying almost all dishes.





Beef Stew (zhigni )

Beef, chilli ( berbere ) onions, tomatoes, with spice and butter

Chicken sauce

Chicken, onions and Berbere, and boiled eggs


Lentils, onions, tomatoes


Potatoes, Carrots, onions

* All sauce is served with  Injera



Beetroot salad

Green salad

Lentil salad


About the Chef 

Martha Woldu

Daughter of the Eritrean Art legend Woldu Afewerki and the late Terhas Iyasu, also involved in the great world of art and having explored its various fields only because of her parents who are both artists, Martha touched her first brush and tried to paint at age 3. She came to China in 2004 to study western oil painting at China Central Academy of Fine Arts (CAFA).

Besides painting, Martha has also a passion for cooking as so many Eritrean girls learn how to cook their traditional food at an early age. Not only does she love to cook for her family, but she also loves sharing her authentic home flavours with new friends.


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