Chef’s table: Serbian Soul Food with Ana Veljkovic


Chef’s table: Serbian Soul Food with Ana Veljkovic

Date: Saturday, 31st  July

Time: 18:00-21:00

Cost: 398RMB, 368RMB for members including one drink.


Most of the Serbian population in the Middle Ages were sebri- farmers with a rich tradition, and all the richness of Serbian cuisine is derived from its geographic, ethnic and cultural diversity, which resulted from centuries of population mixing.


Serbian cuisine is characterized by highly diverse, solid and spicy food, which can be roughly described as a mixture of traditional Serbian, Greek, Bulgarian, Turkish and Hungarian cuisines. The use of meat, dough and pastries, vegetables and dairy products is predominant in it.


Today we witness many examples of the adjustment of tradition to a completely different, modern way of life. However, the traditional values and respect for nature have never disappeared in Serbia.




Gibanica (cheese pie with filo pastry)

Proja sa spanacem (Spinach proja)


Main course

Shopska salata (shopska salad)

Lucene paprika (Roasted peppers with garlic salad)

Pasulj prebranac- Tavce (Taditional prebranac beans)

Leskovacka muckalica (Leskovac jumble)




Zito Sa Slagom (Serbian wheat pudding)



About the Chef 


Ana was born and raised in Serbia, where she studied Geography and Tourism and this reflects her love for different cultures and places.  She grew up in a family that cherished traditional everyday food. She enjoyed cooking with her grandmothers and her mum while learning small tips that make all the difference when tasting food.

Twenty years ago she moved to New Zealand, her second home. This is where her career moved to the education sector and her love for continuous learning just continued in all directions. Often she cooked for her colleagues and friends Serbian dishes and found that she was able to share a lot about a culture through food.


She moved to Beijing with her family in mid-2020. Almost immediately she discovered a variety of cooking classes on offer in Beijing. When the opportunity came for her to share here part of her cultural heritage she was very excited.


She loves cooking, eating and above all sharing her experiences and discovering other cultures through their cuisines.


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