Celebrate the Holiday Across Continents: New Zealand & Serbian Fusion Dinner

Celebrate the Holiday Across Continents: New Zealand & Serbian Fusion Dinner”.

Date: Saturday, 8th Jan.

Time: 18:00-21:00

Cost: 398RMB, 368RMB for members including one drink.


Join us for a taste of fusion holiday-themed food where New Zealand and Serbian cuisines are merged for a novel culinary experience.

The cuisine of New Zealand is a fusion of European influences combined with Maori and Pasifika’s unique tastes. An island nation, New Zealand uses produce from the land and sea. Its distinctiveness is more in the way New Zealanders eat, generally preferring a relaxed and simple affair, in keeping with the laidback Kiwi psyche.

When you want to describe Serbian food to someone who has never had the chance to try it, you use words like “comfort”. All your senses will be comforted whether you are enjoying an everyday meal or a special occasion.

Our chef Ana will be bringing these two cuisines together for a wonderful mixture of tastes and the pleasure of sharing food with others in a relaxed way.





                Cheese ball with crackers 

                         Party appetizer made with different types of cheese, spices, and nuts


                    Savoury pastries

                                      Traditional pastries filled in with feta cheese, spinach and cheese, salami or mushrooms 


                             Main Course 


                            Roasted lamb with vegetables

                                              Families favourite succulent lamb roast on the bone with roasted vegetables


                                 Stuffed peppers

                                               A typical meal for any holiday celebration are peppers stuffed with meat and rice in tomato sauce


                                  Broccoli salad

                                               Fresh salad chock full of fresh crisp broccoli, dried cranberries, sunflower seeds, and bacon bits.


                                       Mimoza salad

                                             The festive salad got its name because of its resemblance to “mimosa”,  spring flowers, scattered on the snow.




                                            This meringue-based dessert s frequently served during celebratory and holiday meals.





About the Chef 


Ana was born and raised in Serbia, where she studied Geography and Tourism and this reflects her love for different cultures and places.  She grew up in a family that cherished traditional everyday food. She enjoyed cooking with her grandmothers and her mum while learning small tips that make all the difference when tasting food.

Twenty years ago she moved to New Zealand, her second home. This is where her career moved to the education sector and her love for continuous learning just continued in all directions. Often she cooked for her colleagues and friends Serbian dishes and found that she was able to share a lot about a culture through food.


She moved to Beijing with her family in mid-2020. Almost immediately she discovered a variety of cooking classes on offer in Beijing. When the opportunity came for her to share here part of her cultural heritage she was very excited.


She loves cooking, eating and above all sharing her experiences and discovering other cultures through their cuisines.


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