Joy Flow Yoga and Wellness Workshop at The Hutong

Date: Saturday May 13th
Time: 9:00am – 12:00pm
Cost: 350 RMB (early bird price, until May 1st), 400 RMB (after May 6th)

Mother’s Day weekend is the perfect time to pamper yourself; mind, body, and soul.  Join us at the Hutong for a yoga flow*, workshop, and special tea time.  Learn the importance of filling your physical and emotional “Joy Cup” with certified life coach Carnisa Berry and certified yoga instructor Hannah Northcott.
This half day workshop will include a yoga session and interactive workshop along with a light breakfast snack provided by the Hutong.
Specialty infused teas provided by Tea Journeys.
With limited spaces available, reservations for this workshop is required.
 * Yoga mats are not provided, please bring your own.



Carnisa is the founder of Berry Thoughtful Life Coaching, where she helps her clients realize that their dreams are just a thought away. She earned her Life Coaching Certification from World Coach Institute. Understanding that our thoughts lead to our decisions, and our decisions create our destiny, Carnisa helps her clients to challenge the thinking and beliefs that may be keeping them from the life they want. She is passionate about healthy marriage and relationships. She brings positivity and excitement to coaching that helps people live their best life.

At the Great Wall of China, I flowed through a series of sun salutations to the tune of Christina Aguilera’sBeautiful. A strong believer in the power of thoughts and the necessity of movement, I also sip herbal tea while nerding on biomechanics. I’m a chronically curious movement learner, drama educator, actor, director, podcast junkie, certified yoga instructor and yoga therapist. I have studied and performed in Manila, Kuala Lumpur, Vancouver B.C. and New York. In Beijing, I pioneered the first Drama Yoga Festival and co-hosted several Journey to Wholeness retreats with life coach, Carnisa Berry. I collaborate with artists, teachers and students around the world as an artist in APAC (Asia Pacific Activities Conference) Theater and Dance Festivals and in ISTA (International Schools Theater Association) Theater Festivals. From teaching yoga classes to initiating the middle school drama program at the International School of Beijing, I continue to be an archeologist of the soul – uncovering hidden jewels buried within people through the modalities of drama and yoga.