Trekking China’s Holy Mountain

On September 24th, a very unlikely group of explorers set out from Harrow International School set for Mount Wutai. While braving the elements of its mountain peaks and enjoying the splendor of their temple chambers, the group traversed over 33km and paid respects to 6 temples. Along the way Harrow students made friends with monks on pilgrimage, spoke with a Buddhist nun studying in the temples, and learned about the essential ideas behind Buddhism. This was an expedition that tested their body and spirit, and Harrow students came through the experience with flying colors.

Through a week of breathtaking views and introspective moments, staff and teachers watched as this group of students grew closer as a cohort. By the end of the expedition, friendships were strengthened and unlikely leaders emerged. Whether it be stepping up to translate for the group or keeping each other strong when the going got tough, Harrow 6thform students understood how to come together to make the experience their own. It was an adventure that took the students far away from their daily routines to experience the austerity of monastic life. Upon arrival back in Beijing, everyone had a newfound respect for dedication of Mount Wutai monks and had earned a well-deserved rest after an unforgettable experience at China’s Holy Mountain