The Global Kitchen

Chef Joel’s Rougui Tea Braised Chicken Wings tasted so good and so many asked about his recipe that we felt we had to share it. Click here to find out more about Joel’s monthly Cooking With Tea workshop – his last menu included a Tieguanyin Tea Braised Asparagus and a Longjing Tea Shrimp Soup.

At least twice a month Chef Samia will happily share her culinary secrets in both her Pakistani Cuisine and her Nashta Brunch cooking class – click here to read more about Samia.

And there’s a new addition to our roster of chefs this month. Learn how to bring sunshine flavors to your kitchen in our Afro-Caribbean Cuisine workshop under the guidance of chef Rose, starting Mar 19th!

If that weren’t enough, come April award-winning Beijing Top Chef Jeffery Powell will teach you how turn your spring into a seasonal culinary adventure. Click here to find out more about Jeffery Powell’s Spring Fling. Only at The Hutong. Sharing Culture. Sharing Knowledge.