Date: Sunday, March 6th
Time: 3:00pm – 5:00pm
Cost:  80 RMB, 50 RMB for members including a drink

Proceeds from the workshop will be made towards the charity, benefiting the education of migrant children.


Story is how we make sense of the world. Throughout this workshop, we will briefly examine the emotional and academic value of engaging in storytelling with our children. Through fun activities, we will connect with the storyteller within us and learn effective and fun ways to engage our children in storytelling.

Each session is planned to last 90 minutes.

20% theory and 80% hands-on and improvisation.


RobinRobin Bady:
Award winning storyteller Robin Bady draws upon world folklore, fairy tales, oral traditions, ghost stories and literature for fun interactive storytelling performances that educate as well as entertain. She brings her stories to joyful life, creating an electric and engaging rapport with her audience.
For the past 40 years, Robin has explored various forms of story as storyteller, actress, musician, playwright and director. She performs and teaches across the United States and Germany, in venues large and small. Whenever possible she partners with cartoonists, musicians and instrument builders. She is the founder and host of the BADYHouseStorytellingConcerts, a monthly storytelling series at her home. Her obsessive passion, “as told to” ghost stories, is slowly morphing into a book.

She lives in Brooklyn with her husband Tom, an educator and a poet, and her two cats – Inanna Queen of Heaven and Earth and William Butler Yeats.

SoniaSonia Zivkovic:
Sonia Zivkovic is an educator with a 360-degree experience. After being a teacher and school leader for 18 years, her career morphed, allowing her to further combine her expertise with her passions. Sonia wears many hats. Founder and director of Pana Wakke Productions, she is a consultant, producer and teacher trainer. She has developed a passion for storytelling, which she believes to be one of the most powerful teaching tools available to human kind.

Sonia divides her time between Argentina, Croatia and China, which are all home to her.

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