Seasonal Seafood: Crab Delight

Crabs were initially regarded as crop-eating pests by early settlers in the Yangtze river valley.  Eventually the ancient farmers took their revenge and started boiling the pests to death (to teach them a lesson, we suppose).  One day, they noticed that the pile of boiled pests smelled kind of good and a brave man decided to see what they tasted like.  Ever since that day, crabs have been an autumn delicacy.  October is the peak of crab season and a perfect time to spend a morning at The Hutong cooking up a succulent meal.  Join Chef Sue as she shows you how to prepare chili crab and spring onion crab in our fall seafood class.  We’ll use only the freshest seasonal crabs and ingredients to prepare an unforgettable meal that will delight you and impress your guests.

Sunday, October 21, 10:00am – 12:30pm

Cost: 280 RMB, 220 RMB for members.

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