Harrow and The Hutong “Serve The People” of Jiangxi

The 6th Form students from Beijing’s Harrow International School are truly a revolutionary bunch! Leaving the comfort of Beijing behind, 26 of Harrow’s finest set out on a train ride south to “Serve The People” of Jiangxi.

Under the watchful guise of Harrow’s Ben Sanders and The Hutong’s Jeffrey Schwab, students set out to explore Red Chinese history from both sides. KMT and CCP teams trekked through the starting ground of the Long March collecting revolutionary information, serving the local people, and watching out for mischievous enemy spies. Revolutionary challenges included a scavenger hunt along Ganzhou’s Song Dynasty city wall, contests for the best presentations of gathered revolutionary intelligence, and a non-profit vegetable market challenge to raise funds for disadvantaged students at Shangyou Middle School.  Harrow’s students truly embodied the mission of the trip by raising enough money for a year’s tuition.

The Hutong is thrilled to work with the Harrow International School to not only give students a chance to get their hands dirty doing real revolutionary labor, but also to help develop its community-centered programs and “Serve The People” across counties, countries, and cultures.