Reflections at Pingyao

Courtyard in Pingyao

At the end of each day of Educational Programs, the students are given time to think back on their day during a time we call Reflections. They are asked to share and write down their impressions, what they learned, and stand-out moments from the day.

After a long walk on the Ancient City Wall—interspersed with storytelling about the wealthy families who once lived in the region—here are what some of the students had to say:

“Happy and fit … we walked so much today”

“Today I went the Extra Li… I never knew I could walk so far”

Pingyao is famous for being home to the first bank in China, as well as being an ancient financial city. It was therefore only natural that we had a ‘Grand Ye Old Trade Fair.’ During the fair, students were challenged to trade by barter and learn about profit and loss.

Grand Ye Old Trade Fair

After a fun day of shopping in the ancient city, creating posters and adverts for their goods, and an exciting trading session…

“Today I felt happy…the trade fair was fun”

“Today I went the extra li…I never knew I could sing, but I did at the trade fair” 

In line with the famous noodles of Shanxi province, the students were introduced to the local culture through activities like noodle-making, paper cutting, temple exploration, and Kung-Fu.

“Today I felt Pride… I found the small upside down Elephant inside the temple”

“Today I felt Joy…I love temples”

The Hutong Education

As a support member of The Hutong staff I felt thrilled that I too got to explore and learn about UNESCO world heritage sights in such a fun way. Through exploring the courtyard of the Wang family, I learned what life was like in ancient China for the rich, and through wandering the Zhangbi tunnels I learned what life was like for the soldiers. For me, The Hutong not only delivered an exceptional cultural experience, but went further to create an unforgettable and unique learning opportunity for all involved!